Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

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camping in bir billing

Paragliding is special recreational adventure activity of flying Paraglider in air. Paragliding is very adventurous activity which require special skill to experience safe. Paragliding can be done solo and Tandem. Bir Billing is best spot for paragliding – aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. Bir Billing successfully hosted paragliding world cup in 2015. Paragliding Pilots from 140 countries participated in Paragliding world cup.


Palampur and Bir-Billing are twin tourist destinations. Mountain biking trails from Palampur to Bir-Billing passing through many villages, temples, monasteries and forest area’s. As you biking from Palampur to Bir-Billing, you can observe the change happening in the valley. Villages are developing very fast and most of them are self sustain. Some of the villages are still living in old traditional way of life.

  • Safety and evacuation options around.

  • Medical facilities availability.

  • Villages in the trek to see local life.

  • Forest area for.

  • Low traffic roads.

  • Elevation gradient in the trail/road.

  • Camping options in the trail.

  • Options for visiting in the route.

  • Extensions to other nearby detonations.

  • Easy, moderate and tough roads/trails for all the experiences.

  • A short weekend trip includes Paragliding and Camping best for the adventure lovers and those who are hard of time. This weekend tour package is our best seller adventure package. The charming Indian town of Bir is known worldwide as a destination for ecotourism and meditation studies, and is praised by visitors from all corners of the earth for its natural beauty.